Industrial pit furnaces are the ideal compromise between capacity / dimensions and consumption.

The Pit Type Furnaces are highly technological furnaces.

These are highly technological furnaces and widely used in the processes of: tempering and decontamination, cementing, carbonitriding, nitriding, tempering in a controlled atmosphere, and simple heating. The charge lies inside a steel retort adequate, for the furnace operating temperature, and the atmosphere is mixed by a special impeller mounted on the lid.

The optional opening and closing of the lid automatically, allows the operator to concentrate on loading and unloading the cluster, greatly increasing the efficiency of operations. They are usually coupled to other treatment plants, such as washing machines, oil/water/polimer quench, automatic warehouses and production programming systems.

The Pit Type Furnaces are used in the processes of:

• tempering and decontamination
• cementing
• carbonitriding
• nitriding
• tempering in a controlled atmosphere
• simple heating


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